Cyber Crime and Information Technology Act of 2000

Cyber Crime isn’t characterized in the Information Technology Act 2000 nor in the National Cyber Security Policy 2013 nor in some other direction in India. Truth be told, it can’t be as well. Wrongdoing or offense has been managed extravagantly posting different acts and the disciplines for each, under the Indian Penal Code, 1860, and many different enactments as well. Consequently, to characterize Cyber-Crime, one can state, it is only a blend of wrongdoing and PC.

Cyber Crime and PC

An offense under Cyber Crime

To place it in basic terms ‘any offense or wrongdoing in which a PC is utilized is a Cyber-Crime’. Strikingly even a negligible offense like taking or pickpocket can be brought inside the more extensive domain of Cybercrime if the fundamental information or help to such an offense is a PC or a data put away in a PC utilized (or abused) by the fraudster. The I.T. Act characterizes a PC, PC arranges information, data, and all other important fixings that frame some portion of a Cybercrime.

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In a Cyber-Crime, PC or the information itself the objective or the protest of offense or a device in conferring some other offense, giving the essential contributions to that offense. Every single such demonstration of wrongdoing will go under the more extensive meaning of Cyber-Crime.