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Welcome to NetLexia Cyber Law firm! This is a Criminal law firm of fering all in all legal services for Cybercrime litigation in India 24×7. Cyber Crime Advocates indeed is the only source to open up the door to success towards the quash of fake cyber crime Charges against you. There has been extensive use of the Internet by people. Even people who are not computer savvy use the Internet. In the same fashion, the Internet has become part and parcel of everyday life for many people. By all means, Internet benefits like communication, information & commerce are great. But cyber crimes are high on the scale. Crimes committed online can cause great destruction. Mostly, It includes crimes done with cell phones with the internet too. Meet Top Ranking Criminal Attorneys practicing Madras High Court and Supreme Court of India.

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NetLexia Cyber Law Firm is the top leading Cyber Crime Attorney association in Chennai. Meanwhile, Cyber Crime advocates help people to raise police complaints with cyber police stations or courts. Firstly, Our experienced Cyber Crime advocates defend people accused of Cybercrime offenses. In fact, they have a successful history of handling cases of computer misuse and online fraud. By the same token, We have good knowledge of technology. Moreover, Our Criminal advocates’ brilliant strategies help in adding to our success story of Cybercrime cases.

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Find the top criminal defence attorney in your area right now. Utilize our directory to find rated local law firms and attorneys in your region instantly. Throughout a criminal case, a criminal defence attorney plays a number of crucial functions. He or she is in charge of representing a defendant in a criminal case.

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Cyber Law Consulting is in a unique position to meet your needs because to our commitment to quality Advice, innovation, talent, a self-sustaining process framework, and subject-matter expertise. We provide specialised service packages that equate to the most adaptable and economical services of the highest calibre.


The cybercrime attorney aids you in completing the complaint process as quickly as possible. A cyber attorney's job is to put together, investigate, and present a case on behalf of a client in a cybercrime lawsuit. It is crucial that the attorney has strong critical thinking, research, communication, and other skills.


Whatever your Cyber-crime charges, our attorneys are ever ready. Our cyber team advises & represents you for the best achievable outcome of your case. Our computer crime lawyers can handle your case at any stage from data seizure. Be you a victim or accused of online crime, we defend your rights. With our degree of experience, we can handle any cybercrime case.

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Thanks for visiting the NetLexia Cyber Law Firm! This criminal law business provides complete legal services for Cyber crime litigation in India around-the-clock. The only resource that can help you successfully fight false Cybercrime charges brought against you is Top rated Cyber Crime Advocates.

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