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There has been extensive use of the Internet by people. Even people who are not computer savvy use the Internet. In the same fashion, the Internet has become part and parcel of everyday life for many people. By all means, Internet benefits like communication, information & commerce are great. But cyber crimes are high on the scale. Crimes committed online can cause great destruction. Mostly, It includes crimes done with cell phones with the internet too.

NetLex Cyber Law firm is the top leading Cyber crime advocates association in Chennai. Meanwhile, Cyber Crime advocates help people to raise police complaints with cyber police stations or courts. Firstly, Our experienced Cyber Crime advocates defend people accused of cybercrime offenses. In fact, they have a successful history of handling cases of computer misuse and online fraud. By the same token, We have good knowledge of technology. Moreover, Our Criminal advocates’ brilliant strategies help in adding to our success story of cybercrime cases.

What is Cyber Crime?

Cyber crime can take many forms like computer fraud, identity theft, and phishing scams. On the other hand, It also consists of cyberstalking, online defamation, and hacking. In addition, Internet piracy and file-sharing come under cybercrime. As a matter of fact, Our cyber lawyers in Chennai offer comprehensive advice and guidance in cyber crime investigation

Types of Crimes 

Cybercrime consists of the following issues. Our services include but are not limited to

  • Phishing and malware crimes
  • Hacking
  • Acts of misuse of Computers crimes
  • Cloning investigations
  • Copyright and Trademark breach
  • Internet Fraud, Online Fraud, Email Fraud
  • Tripping & bootlegging
  • Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency fraud and seizure
  • Virus Spreading & identify theft


Today’s cybercriminals are looking for new ways to defeat cybersecurity as a matter of fact. Businesses must be diligent to fight cybercrimes in the first place. The following are the most common trends in cyber attacks.

International Cybercriminal:

Computer criminals may be from abroad too in like manner. It makes it harder to track down these criminals in addition. International collaboration makes it hard to stop these illegal and harmful activities in the same fashion. These attackers target many locations by the same token. Non-co-operation among International governments is making the tracing of crimes the biggest problem identically.

Social Media:

Social media is a perfect stage for cyber attacks uniquely. Our people and society rely on social media to do business furthermore. Cybercriminals have a perfect avenue to steal business data. Likewise, There has been a three-fold increase in spear phishing. Employee email accounts are getting hacked for business information.

Advanced persistent attacks:

Attackers who steal data do not destroy them. Data theft is being undetected for a long period. It helps to infiltrate company data and steal critical data.


Cybercrime is developing in a constant way. Investigations of digital or online elements are proving too complex and challenging. Many cases have international investigations and elements. Some crimes are part of the coordinated actions of the FBI. Law enforcement agencies are struggling with investigations. The problem is with the sheer volume of data from the investigation. Cybercrime lawyers have become indispensable assets.

How Criminal Advocates can help? 

What can a cyber crime lawyer do? Suppose you have an investigation or got charged with the following criminal offense, contact us. We can have a discussion about the possible legal options available to you

  • Making, sharing, or possession of child pornography
  • Fraud or a financial crime committed via the Internet
  • Identity theft
  • Plotting to commit a crime.

Cyber Crime Advocates can handle all your computer related crime with ease and efficiency. The crimes can be from your computer or internet adept cell phone or online activity.

Our experienced internet crime attorneys can discuss about defense strategies of your case.

Some facts that may be helpful in the defense of your case may be the following

  1. The online activity can be from your teenage son or daughter or family friend.
  2. Your computer was a second-hand buy. You had no idea that it was being used for criminal activities.
  3. The download of illegal child porn by mistake if it was in junk email as an attachment.
  4. You got duped by police as minors online when you proposed sexual purposes.
  5. A search of the computer without a warrant by police.

You may be aware that the crime was through your computer tool. You may not have got contacted by the police yet. It is advisable to consult your cyber crime defense advocate. He can give you ideas about how to protect yourself in case of charges. You need to be aware of how to act when the warrant gets served. You need to be aware of the handling of evidence, hard drive data, and people’s testimony.

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Whatever your cybercrime charges our attorneys are ever ready. Our cyber team advises & represents you for the best achievable outcome of your case. Our computer crime lawyers can handle your case at any stage from data seizure. Be you a victim or accused of online crime, we defend your rights. With our degree of experience, we can handle any cybercrime case.

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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions about Online Offenses

What is Cyber Law?

Cyber Law known as “internet law” is the field of law governing how people use the Internet.

What are all the Popular Cybercrimes?

1. Phishing scams
2. Identity Theft scams
3. Online Harassment
4. Cyberstalking
5. Invasion of privacy
6. Online banking fraud
7. Social Media misuse
8. Cyberbullying
These are the famous Cyber Crimes across the globe.

How to file a complaint in a cyber cell?

You need to draft a Complaint and file it in the Cybercrime cell of any jurisdiction. In a written complaint, you must give your name, details of your contact, and the address for delivery. In the same way, You have to address the written complaint to the Cybercrime Cell Head of the city where you lodge complaints of Cybercrime. To make sure, It is always good to get Legal Guidance to file such complaints about the best results.

How to contact a Cybercrime Lawyer instantly?

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